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Our activities

  • conferences

Conferences Témoignages / Débats

• Raising awareness about biodiversity, emphasizing the fact biodiversity is not just endangered and vanishing species

• Conventions for management, share holders, experts

• Our life can be an eye opener to others paths, other motivations; we managed our lives differently, experienced many adventures. We also built a family team.

  • reportages

Reporters Journalists

As an intuitive reporter, Roland oriented his carreer by passion for nature and animals towards documenting the environment. His photos are published in international press, books and advertising since 1983. For over 25 years as a couple and even family, their journalisitic texts are the results and testimonies of their trips around the planet, looking for wildlife, mainly mammals and birds, but also the people that work with, exploit, protect, study or destroy animals and the planet. Do look for their images and publications on

Biology, Nature, Conservation, Research.

Our features are very diverse but they always carry a journalistic point of view. Sometimes just a few spectacular or surprising images, sometimes on the opposite they represent a long term study over several years. They very often include man in his relation with animals. A wide variety of press media in the world has published these stories over the years.

  • livres

Our books French / English / Japanese / Korean / German

Book publishing allows to compile data, images, to synthetise informations collected over years and to offer to the public a quality and long term product. We have published or participated in the making of several books.


Although both veterinarian by training, we chose some 25 years ago, to fulfill our interest for nature, wildlife, travel and photography by starting to work as wildlife reporters. After the successive births of our three kids, we soon undestood they were not to limit that peculiar life, and better, could easily take part into it. Hence, they found themselves in many exceptional situations, face to face with animals we were surveying or looking for. We have compiled the images of 12 years of these friendly meetings in a unusual family album, depicting all continents, including Antarctica. Text in French. Moreover, thru our children eyes, we aim at showing the environmental richness of our planet. With the hope we can participate to protect what is left of this world, so that the children of our children will also marvel day after day!

Sea children

Fifteen years of discoveries with the ocean inhabitants: little by little, fin after fin, from the beach to the deep, by our children. Far over this initiation, these images help to better know the marine biodiversity, in harmony and with mutual respect. Thru the eyes of today's children that will be tomorrow's adults. Thru amazing encounters that enhance the beauties of this exceptional habitat, the sea, we hope to show a world where man can live in harmony with nature and wildlife. Considering the damages already done, we invite everybody to think about the blue planet our kids will inherit of. In parallel, through the age progression of our children, we show the different steps that allow the little ones to discover the marine environment, from the beach side to scuba diving, including snorkeling far before they could really swim. Text in English and French

50 colour pictures format A4
the discovery of the sea by our children between the ages of 3 and 15
12 pages
Format 21 x 29,7 Horizontal
CMYK color
Quality paper 150 g

Cover 300 g

Polynesia / Antarctica

• Polynesia is not a geographic entity, but a human making. It comprises all the lands that have been occupied, thru the last millenia, by people that arrived from Asia. Exclusively made of islands, this immense territory proved extremely fragile challenged by the terrible predator mankind is. In three large chapters, describing its geological formation, its colonization by fauna and flora, and finally the impact of the Polynesian and later European people, we show the complexity of this ecosystem, and we illustrate it with exceptional pictures. French text.

• Polar continent, and a world by itself, Antarctica resembles nothing else on Earth. Land of all extremes, it had to bear mankind only for a fraction of eternity: two hundred years! In three large chapters describing the continent's formation, its colonization by flora (limited!) and fauna, and the impact of man, we aim at describing this world apart which, it deserves it, irresistibly attracts many of us. Text in French.

  • expositions

Exhibitions Biodiversity / Sea children / Globe-trotters / Between sky and sea

We can also build up custom-made productions from our experiences, scientific data and original pictures stock.

Existing exhibitions Éxpositions éxistantes :

Man and biodiversity
30 boards 60 x 80 cm

Largely illustrated with short 5 to 6 lines of texts, this exhibition explains to all public what is biodiversity, far over a simple list of species, why it is so important, including for the survival of human societies. And to what risks it is exposed.

50 large prints 120 x 80 cm

Thru spectacular and amazing pictures, which enhance the beauties of this exceptional habitat, the sea, we show a world where man can live in harmony with nature and wildlife. Considering the damages witnessed, we invite everybody to think about the blue planet our kids' generation should inherit of. In parallel, thru the age progression of our children, we show the different steps that allow the little ones to discover the marine environment, from beaches to scuba diving, including snorkeling far before they could really swim.

15 photos 50 x 70 cm and 3 photos 100 x 70 cm in oak framing

We have been around the world with our three children, starting with our elder Ariane who is now 20 years old. As a baby, she discovered the wild animals of Africa and Amazonia. Aged one, she was paddling in a rhinoceros bath, playing with giraffes or exchanging leaves with the amazing red-headed uakari monkey. Aged 3, with her one year old brother, she visited Australia and all its funny beasts. In 18 unexpected pictures, let's start a round the world tour where man peacefully cohabit with animals.

  • art

Art prints

Born in 1958, I have been working as a creative photographer specialized in nature and wildlife. For over thirty years, I have travelled the world looking for various aspects of biodiversity I could immortalize on pictures. Usually this kind of photography is not considered as Art. Especially if one chooses to respect nature as it is, without modifying or transforming it thru digital tools. My research was to associate the natural artistic expression to my photo work. Forms, colours, lights are what I call natural artistic expression. My technique is brought by dynamic, framing, composition. The four elements combine to form the basement of nature and life,

  • Publications

Publications over 3000

France :National Geographic, Figaro Magazine, Géo, VSD, Paris Match, Terre Sauvage, Point de Vue, Ca m’intéresse, Sciences et Vie, Voici, Femme Actuelle, Grands Reportages, Newlook, VetMag, Wapiti, Wakou, Image Doc, 30 millions d’amis, Vivre avec les oiseaux, Revue des oiseaux exotiques, Atout chien, Atout chat, VetMag, Camping Car, Thalassa...

Germany: Geo, Bild, Bild Woche, Frau im Spiegel, Frau Aktuel, Bild der Frau, Das Tier, Ein Hertz fur Tiere, Tauchen, Papageien, WP...

Great Britain: BBC Wildlife, Hello, Mail on Sunday, Sunday Times, Focus, Wild for animals, Animals voice...

Italy : Airone, Oasis, Focus, Gente Viaggi, Taxi, Gioia...

Spain : El Mundo, Geo,

USA-Canada : International Wildlife, National Enquirer, Chickadee...

Japan, Korea : Sinra, Geo...

Australia : Geo, Women’s weekly, Nature Australia...

  • Second Life


Participation to a strategy in sustainable development and reflections or field work

  • pom

POM Petite Oeuvre Multimédia

The low-cost airline shows online documentaries under the title "Destination environment" which present some usually unknown aspects of the environment of some of the companie's destinations.

  • calendrier


We can offer custom-made service to companies that wish to communicate on nature and environment thru image and animal.


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Scientists / Reporters / Authors / Photographers / Artist


The strategies of biodiversity
Experience thru 30 years in the field

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From Paris Match to National Geographic, through Terre Sauvage. First contributor to the Handbook of the Birds of the World and Handbook of the Mammals of the World.

  • Features
  • Specialist of human/wildlife relationship
  • Specialist in parrots
  • Features including children and nature
  • Book Globe-trotters
  • Book Sea-children
  • Book Australian Parrots


My search was to associate the natural artistic expression to my photographic work. I present 10 categories:

  • Flying
  • Cetaceans
  • Mammals
  • Tigers
  • Wild cats
  • Coup de coeur
  • Penguins
  • Roaring forties
  • Parrot portraits
  • Parrots in the wild


Scientists and experts: both holders of veterinarian degree, we are internationally recognized zoologists

Julia Seitre

julia seitre

1983 and 1985: Diploma of Veterinary school of Maisons-Alfort
1985 : Roland Seitre Fellow of Natural History Museum of Paris in ornithology-mammalogy
1986-1987: Director of National Wildlife Research Center of Taif, Saudi Arabia, and launching of the wildlife captive breeding center for reintroduction in nature

Roland seitre

Roland Seitre

1987-…: journalists and wildlife reporters freelance, publishing features in international press.
2007-…: conferences, exhibitions, seminars around key-themes (sea-children, globe-trotters, biodiversity...)
Expertises : Feasability studies for wildlife parks in the Aspe Valley, Mont St Michel, St Martin de Vesubie, scientific advisor for Act for Nature in Monaco.

Family Seitre

famille seitre

Participation to international scientific congresses : International Theriological Congress, International Primate Conference, International Wildlife Ranching Symposium, Loro Parque Convention, World Marine Mammals Science Conference, Forum Faune Menacée d’Angers etc…

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